I will interview you, transcribe and edit your manuscript, collect your pictures (and anything else you want to add), and pull all the material together into a book format. All you have to do is select a focus for your project:

  • Special Event—Record the behind-the-scenes story of a wedding, birth, anniversary, milestone birthday, retirement, etc.
  • Life Themes—Capture select memories from your life. You could focus on small turning points, career tracks, family traditions, life lessons, and many more.
  • Ethical Will—Preserve your personal values, beliefs and life lessons
  • Business Biography—Document the history of your business
  • Holiday Traditions—Reflect on your holiday traditions
  • Recipe Book—Ensure that your favorite recipes–and the stories behind them–never get lost
  • Travel Treks—Venture beyond your horizons with a collection of stories and lessons learned while traveling
  • Memorial—Memorialize a person who has passed away

Other Services:

  • Ghostwriting and Editing—I can help you write and edit the stories you’ve already started.
  • Speaking Engagements—I’m available to lead life story writing workshops. Participants will learn how to get started and stay motivated throughout the entire process

Contact me at for a free consultation.


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